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There’s only one way to properly address it, and that’s by refusing to excuse sexism.

Newton is the face of the franchise, and unless they require him to issue a public apology, the Carolina Panthers will appear to condone a role model in his community demeaning women.

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It was a missed opportunity to praise his teammate after a breakout performance, or to give kudos to his coaches for their game plan that schemed receivers open against the best-prepared team in the NFL.

Heck, he could have even used the question to needle the media a bit, as he often does, by making the point that Funchess proved he can run the routes that plenty of pundits have said he couldn’t run.

Two of them went for touchdowns against a Patriots defense that, last year at least, surrendered the fewest points in the NFL.

Cam Newton could have picked any of these plays to highlight at his press conference on Wednesday afternoon, when he was asked a good question by Cam, I know you take a lot of pride in seeing your receivers play well.

Once, when I asked a question about how two injuries on the left side of the offensive line would affect the calls in the running game, a veteran back told me, “You’re such a woman when it comes to this.” A columnist, who was standing nearby at the player’s locker, laughed along with him.

Newton also could have highlighted what might have been Funchess’s best route of the day.

Matched up against Butler, the former Super Bowl hero, Funchess again got open by stemming his route.

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so i guess it's because i used h2o camera before and didn't clean flash the rom?!

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