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But the real embarrassment was not that money had changed hands over a legislative vote, but that it had been handled so sloppily. Two senators rejected Bob's offering outright, and one of them spoiled the party by also blowing the whistle, which led to quite a press scramble to have the other bribees explain themselves.It seems like it takes too much money to get elected, and a regular person can't do that." As of mid-November, Granny D was in TK, TK00 miles into her journey.Her intention is to arrive on the Capitol steps, January 24, 2000? where she'll present petitions to some members of Congress.Bo Pilgrim is a big-time chicken processor in East Texas, but he wasn't known to the average Texan until he committed such a faux pas inside our state capitol that he became a political embarrassment. At 89 years of age, she has embarked on an extraordinary pilgrimage.Now, you've really got to go some to rise to the level of "embarrassment" in Texas politics, where we often elect embarrassments to high office just for their amusement value (I'll not stoop to naming any names here, but someone with the initials P. Beginning New Years Day this year at the Rose Bowl Parade in Pasadena, California, she set out to walk the entire breadth of this great country, all 3,000 miles of it, to the Nation's Capitol.

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"Call me crazy, call me God-sent," proclaimed this feisty octogenarian as she began her cross-country journey, "but I am on a crusade to create a groundswell for campaign finance reform, to eliminate the cancer of corporate money that's killing our democracy." "I believe the people who make progress for us are crazed" her son Jim told the Los Angeles Daily News.

"But there's a difference between crazy and insane."Bingo! Sojouner Truth and Frederick Douglass, Mary Helen Lease ("The Kansas Pythoness") and "Sockless Jerry" Simpson of the great populist movement, Eugene Debs and Mother Jones—crazies, one and all.

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What got Bo riled up was a worker's compensation bill that he did not want to see passed by the state senate, for he feared it could take a dime or two from his chicken plucking profits. Pilgrim went to Austin, stood in a corner just off the senate floor, calling one senator after another to have a brief word with them, give them some materials about the legislation--and a. Pilgrim dispersed nine $10,000 checks, all to senators who had been identified as swing votes on the issue.

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