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These archipelagos are home to a wide range of natural history, including golden eagle, sea eagle, otters, seals, porpoise, dolphins, basking shark, and the occasional orca.We have adventures suitable for all, from the novice to the more experience paddler, so come and join Clearwater Paddling and enjoy the sense of freedom and the spirit of discovery.All you need is a little foresight and a dash of preparation and you can have plenty of outdoor kicks while avoiding jail, injury, and hypervigilant amusement-park attendants.

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Pasangan yang masih menggunakan baju pengantin itu saat itu tengah berada di atas boat, sementara Trudeau sedang mendayung kayak.

Momen manis tersebut terjadi di kepulauan Gulf di National Park Reserve pada Sabtu lalu (5/8/2017).

Amazon Basin, Peru: “Playing with our new fuzzy friend from Monkey Island” Southern India: “Amanda checking out the scenery during a train ride from Bangalore to Trivandrum” Amazon Basin, Peru: “Holly shooting a blowgun with the Yagua tribe” Lima, Peru: “Amanda’s 28th birthday party at T’anta restaurant” Hanoi, Vietnam: “Fun with hats at our Emanuel’s apartment (an amazing French expat who worked for a local art gallery and invited us over for dinner with him and his five international roommates” Hanoi, Vietnam: “Holly’s 29th birthday party in the city” Sapa, Vietnam: “Holly with Tsu, a Black Hmong who was our tour guide through the hills of Sapa” Sapa, Vietnam: “Hiking to a Hmong tribal village which required a whole new set of skills to get through the thick mud” Amazon Basin, Peru: “Visiting the Yagua tribe” Southern Islands, Thailand: “Jen and Amanda on a ferry headed to Ko Phangan for the Full Moon Party” Bangkok, Thailand: “Jen shopping for jewelry near the Siam Center and mingling with the local shopkeepers” Dubai, United Arab Emirates: “Amanda making friends with a camel” Luang Prabong, Laos: “Jen and Amanda’s first kayaking adventure in this part of the world” Luang Prabong, Laos: “Jen playing with Hmong children during a hike to a small hillside village” Kiminini, Kenya: “Holly posing with Pathfinder Academy boarders and Joshua, our Village Volunteers coordinator” Kiminini, Kenya: “Jen and Holly playing with local children on the way to the market” Kiminini, Kenya: “Welcoming newly born HAJI into the world, a baby cow living on the grounds of Pathfinder Academy, who was named after us and a fellow volunteer – Holly, Amanda, Jen, Irene” Kiminini, Kenya: “LGs and Irene planting seeds on the grounds of Pathfinder Academy” Luang Prabong, Laos: “Amanda playing with Hmong children” Kiminini, Kenya: “Meeting local students during a walk to town” Kiminini, Kenya: “Posing on a log during one of our walks with Joshua (in the background)” Kiminini, Kenya: “Posing with a member of the Masaba Widows’ Group” Kiminini, Kenya (Sister Freda’s Clinic): “Holly with Esther, an orphan rescued by Sister Freda” Kiminini, Kenya: “Jen enjoying time with the boarders during one of our nightly teaching and dance sessions” Alleppey, India: “Jen and Amanda posing with Johnson (of “Johnson’s the Nest” backwater boat tour company) before boarding our overnight vessel” New Delhi, India: “Jen and Holly chatting with a group of locals outside of Gandhi’s tomb at Rajghat” Jaipur, India: “Posing against a palace wall during our driving tour of The Golden Triangle” Maasai Village of Oronkai, Kenya: “Getting inducted into the Maasai tribe” Siem Reap, Cambodia: “Posing in front of Angkor Wat before hopping on bicycles and embarking on a 10 mile plus journey around the famous ruins” Siem Reap, Cambodia: “Stopping to rest at the top of one of Angkor Wat’s innumerable ruins” Siem Reap, Cambodia: “Grabbing a bite to eat in town to refuel from our long bike ride around Angkor Wat” Agra, India: “Posing in front of the Taj Mahal” Somewhere over the Atlantic Ocean: “Taking full advantage of a very lucky upgrade on an American Airlines flight to New Delhi” Huacachina, Peru: Surfing the Sand Dunes Our pre-trip NYC countdown!

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We offer three price options depending on the trip - all inclusive, self-catering, and kayak only.

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