Fling chat rooms

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Fling chat rooms

Italian town centres usually contain more residential housing than UK cities, so there are lights, bustle and people within earshot.The evening means that streets are safe and lively until late at night.Solo travel can seem a daunting prospect for a woman.If you don't have any experience of travelling alone, you'll have lots to consider, from loneliness to the difficulties of a foreign language or coping with your luggage.But in the meantime, travellers need to deal with the state of things now, which entails awareness of local beliefs.Italy is a modern country and women are theoretically equal to men.

You should employ the same precautions for your own safety that you would employ in your own country.

Even if you're used to solo holidays, it's useful to do some background research on practicalities and safety considerations.

It will be worth the effort; you will find that exploring Italy on your own can be a very rewarding experience.

Any kind of violence against women, from groping upwards, is a crime and is never seen as acceptable.

In the sections on men and my own experiences you'll read more about annoyances and general hassle.

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For instance, we may say I can play football (present ability), or I could play football (past ability); but we may not say I have could play football since I was a child; we have to say I have been able to play football since I was a child.