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But my absolute favorite is working with whoever is in front of the camera—whether a seasoned actor or real people who’ve never had a lens pointed at them. It is quite a journey that took us from living at Sunset Vine to Farm-To-Market Road 1704.

When we settled in Austin, the only thing we were missing was the retreat spaces outside of LA that we would go to often to get away and unplug.

The kids have a love/hate relationship with my versions of Shake It Off/Call Me Maybe.

I can’t spoil where it leads, but I hope the doc is found as entertaining as it is thoughtful—a profound journey of the power of photography and the belief that every life matters.

VICTOR is premiering at the Heartland Film Festival and tells the true story of Victor Torres—a migrant teen from Puerto Rico forced to survive the ghetto of Brooklyn in 1962.

so I’ll say , but my first film played in a variety of film festivals.

I love getting to connect with other storytellers, seeing their films, and sharing the journey.

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The experience of presenting your film to a true film-fan audience in a theater is what you dream of when you’re a kid.