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Femme dating

(Marie Windsor, Maxine Cooper and Jane Russell are better defined as 1950s fatales.) But beyond these are some mostly forgotten screen-melting babes who first helped change the face of women in film, and society for that matter.Here we remember ten that if nothing else deserve to be remembered. In the noir classic, I Wake Up Screaming, Landis "plain" sister is played by... Imagine outshining "the woman who won World War II".If the Femme Fatale is vying for the hero's romantic attentions she will likely have a sweeter and purer rival.

Her wiles may include apparent helplessness and distress, and appeals to the man's greed, desire for revenge, or gullibility, as well as the implication of possible romance or sexual rewards, while The Vamp more often reliances on raunchy sex or the promise of it sometime real soon.The camera just eats her up, as do the men in the casino.Playing a good girl or bad, she invariably exuded confidence and street smarts: "The best way to crack this case was for me to follow the smartest man involved in it." You have to wonder what kind of wimps men really were in these forties movies, always running home to their wives after meeting up with Bari's broad shoulders. Even among film buffs, how many know the name June Duprez?While related to The Vamp, the Femme Fatale is not just any seductress; she has a distinct look and feel. If you she's dangerous from the start, but she's sexy enough that you don't care, she's likely a Femme Fatale.On a lesser note, the Femme Fatale generally uses sensuality instead of upfront sexual advances.

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More Femme Fatale shots can be seen at Classic Film Star Photos. But Landis did it via a combination of confident personality and a face and body that would cost a fortune to buy today.