Fact operating pc shocking system updating

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Fact operating pc shocking system updating

Honest status indicators that tell you when an operation is still running or is hopelessly stuck would save users quite a bit of time and frustration.

For some reason, Microsoft continues to provide arcane strings of hex digits as its excuse for error messages.In fairness, they alternate with banal test strings like “couldn’t complete the updates.” Users have a choice of doing a deep dive into log files, or Googling the hex error code and wading through incredibly long forum threads full of rants mixed with advice to “try rebooting, uninstalling anti-virus, disabling drivers, and pulling your hair out.” You can find answers that way; I learned I needed to update my encryption package at one point, and the advice to update chipset drivers is always a good reminder. Error conditions should be spelled out, and a link provided to Microsoft’s best current assessment of the problem — ideally personalized to the configuration you’re running.Sometimes Microsoft provides a percentage complete indicator during updates.Making matters worse, Microsoft has more or less stopped providing usable information about what is in each update.Even worse than Microsoft deciding when it wants to push new features or UI changes onto your computer is when you wake up to find that a computer that worked perfectly yesterday is now not much more than a paperweight.

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My colleague Joel Hruska has been sounding the alarm about Microsoft’s push to not bother telling people what is in its updates for a while now.

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