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Posted by / 25-Jun-2020 23:43

I created a new OAB with both distribution methods this morning.

I ran the commands you recommended and tried it about 4 hours after that. As another way to troubleshoot the problem, I created a new profile for Outlook.

The default configuration for Exchange 2010 has the Address Book will update every 24 hours at 5am.

Is there a way to remedy this without the need to recreate the groups?The clients are using outlook in cached exchange mode, and I read that a manual download of the offline address book can be achieved by going to send and receive, then download address book. I then found this Microsoft article: Which describes setting a registry value that dictates how the OAB should function.I changed the value to this setting: 1 = The Offline Address Book uses the Download Full Items download mode. I then deleted all of the files as per the article. Has anyone else experienced this issue, or have any idea why it would occur?It had all of the up-to-date information until I did a manual send/receive of the address book.Platform: Exchange 2003 SP2 Client: Outlook 2003 cache mode Happy New Year, Everyone!!!

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Pardon my ignorance if this topic has been covered.

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