Eva green dating marton csokas

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Eva green dating marton csokas

"There's something very magical and very spiritual in Ireland.The nature is very particular here and there are forces," she tells me in her very quiet voice.When we meet on the set at Ardmore Studios, 34-year-old Eva is dressed in a purple silk shirt and black tie from Dolce & Gabbana over a pair of black leather trousers and high boots.She's friendly and wants to give a decent interview, but there's also an arms-length reserve which she can't help but give off.I never talked and I thought I was going to pass out every time the teacher asked me a question."So, weirdly, maybe even masochistically, I decided to take theatre classes to be somebody else and to maybe gain some confidence.

I've spent two years here now doing Penny Dreadful, so I think I should get an Irish passport," she says. It's the kindest crew I've ever worked with and I'm not just saying that."But you have to look after yourself and even despite that, sometimes you're made to feel like an old woman.You hear them talking about the next big thing saying 'Oh, she's 20' and you are like, 'Oh God, I'm 30'.Then, I found I really enjoyed it and then I knew it was okay, that what I wanted to do was be other people." Despite the urgings of her successful actress mother, Marlene Jobert, not to follow her into the same profession, Eva studied acting as a teenager at London's Webber Douglas Academy of Dramatic Arts.While in London, director Bernardo Bertolucci spotted her and cast her in his sexually charged movie The Dreamers, which effectively put her on the map - eventually leading to a 'Bond girl' role in 2006's Casino Royale.

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She realises the power of her beauty and has become very wealthy from advertising campaigns for Armani, Lancome and Dior.

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