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In 1965, he traveled to Ethiopia and found the community of Jews living in gripping poverty.

By 1978, he had been pleading the case for Ethiopian Jews for over 10 years.

How could 40 percent young people be incarcerated in Ofek Prison?

Why is it that when a young Israeli of Ethiopian origin sees a police officer, he has to cross over to the other side of the sidewalk?

For me, the story of Ethiopian Jewry has always been larger than life.

It’s an epic of survival and hope and an inspirational story about an ancient part of the Jewish people who never lost faith or forgot their connection to our ancient story.

Their story has been part me since I first heard it as a teenager.

As I understand it, the protest comes from real pain. How could a significant proportion of young Israelis from the Ethiopian community have criminal records?In Israel, a tiny country bound together by a sense of mutual responsibility, it’s urgent that this rift is addressed.Both Israeli President Rivlin and Prime Minister Netanyahu today spoke about this urgency.While we haven’t solved the problem of economic and racial inequality in Haifa, I think CJP’s Boston-Haifa Connection has taken serious steps to address it.Most crucially we created a full partnership with the Haifa municipality who made Ethiopian Jewry its own priority, provided significant funding and joined with us in creating a program run by and for the Ethiopian community by members of the community itself.

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In addition, workshops in multi-cultural sensitivity are helping communities become more familiar with one another and fostering closeness. I’ll close with a note from Meni Eshatu, the coordinator of our Boston-Haifa Netivim program which helps prepare Ethiopian Israelis to serve in the IDF, a key to successful integration in Israeli society.