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However it may be, we will for the present leave to others the task of elucidating the question of origin. Whewell's work was written for the purpose of elucidating them, which he does at great length.

I leave to anatomists equipped with more delicate instruments than I the task of elucidating this obscure question.

Acting alone, estriol is a weak estrogen, but it functions as an antiestrogen when administered with estradiol. Comparisons of percent equol producers between prostate cancer patients and controls: case-controlled studies of isoflavones in Japanese, Korean and American residents.

Estriol competitively inhibits estradiol binding and inhibits activated receptor binding to estrogen response elements, which limits transcription.

This was accomplished by scaling the STZ volume with a log-linear fit to the strain rate, and also adjusting the activation energy of an STZ with a log-linear fit to maintain constant yield strength at differing strain rates.

Expression of ERβ protein has been documented in kidney, brain, bone, heart, lungs, intestinal mucosa, prostate, and endothelial cells.

Estrogen receptors are overexpressed in approximately 70% of breast cancer cases, which is referred to as ER positive.

Bacteriologist, perform your share in elucidating this difficulty.

"The Niqoyastcdje—'Place-where-they-came-up,'" said Brouillard, elucidating for her.

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This shows that in STZ dynamics, the regime of reduced flow serration arises due to competing rates of nucleation and propagation, supporting the hypothesis proposed by Schuh.

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