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That will allow you to stay fresh in their mind and not allow them get discouraged. You have been matched with a woman based on their criteria.Unfortunately, not all of your new e Harmony matches will be with current paying members. Can she respond to your requests for communication?An incomplete profile and no pictures posted are clues that you may have been matched with a non-member.A non-member can also be someone who let their subscription to the service lapse without turning off their search for new matches.Dont assume that a woman is unattractive just because she hasnt posted a picture.I would suggest that less attractive women are actually more likely to post their picture.If there is no possibility for a relationship, go ahead and close out the match.

In fact new matches are what e Harmony uses to entice people to join.

If it is clear from their e Harmony profile that you have different interests or values, close out the match.

If not, request communication and see where it goes.

Non-members can close out or put new matches on hold, but e Harmony now limits non-members to 6 new matches.

That means a non-member can only be non-responsive to 6 matches.

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She could be quite attractive and not want guys pursuing her just because of her looks.

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