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Since I had the opportunity to do this review, I decided to read it again.This is by far one of my favorite books on marriage for this reason: I cannot control my husband’s actions.This will be repaid by laying the moon and stars at your feet for your pleasure.There is no need to ‘work’ a man to get what you want. Just remember that we are men, and know that our needs are simple but not to be ignored.We all have to go through that period of time learning about the other person, but more importantly, learning HOW to the other person.We aren’t in courting-ville anymore…but we should be!A good man is hard to find, not to keep.” Also in this book, Dr.Laura talks about how many wives contract the “Frump syndrome”. “{Intimacy] is to a husband what conversation is to a wife.

Men tend to be far more patient with us women because they love us and they hate to see us unhappy. That is what makes this book such an intriguing read. Laura gives examples from her own experiences with struggling couples from her radio program.We are men, not dumb-dumbs, psychics, or one bit unromantic.We need only clear communication, appreciation, honest love, and respect.However, I can control my own and by doing so…I can change his actions. How I treat my husband invariably determines how he treats me. Laura,“What I absolutely love about this book is that Dr.If I am unkind and insufferable…I can expect that same behavior from him. Laura has a way of putting the true issues right in front of your face.

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