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The AGM-86B is a small and light-weight subsonic cruise missile.

The size of it is similar to the AGM-6g short-range attack missiles, and so is its weight (namely 1,360kg), able to use a nuclear warhead equivalent to 200,000 tons of TNT or a conventional warhead of 454 kg high explosive, with high firepower, convenient to carry, an a maximum firing range of 2,500 kilometers. Since 1969, Japan has also established air defense identification zones, just 130 kilometers from the Chinese mainland at its closest point, but Chinese military planes never notified Japan when they have flight activities in the East China Sea Chinese territorial waters and international seas.

Now, the B-52 together with the B-1B and B-2 bombers, forms the US air force’s strategic bombers.

From up high, executives staying for a night or two could see the tents set up in the plaza.

It was en vogue to drop heads of state like at no time since the fall of the Soviet empire.

Billy joined people in occupying parks in places like Oakland and New York Cityonly to be returned home by Billy’s father’s deep pockets when it came time to bail him out.

Suppose China has the same political system as America, would this conflict still happen? America’s starting point is geo-political considerations. If the Northeast Asia free trade zone is formed, it will be an entity that is even more competitive than the European Union.

Highly skilled workers, cheap labor costs, financial groups, it’ll have everything that one expects to find, and America’s position in the world economy will be weakened, so America is not subjectively being kind.

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B-52 bombers are the longest-serving American Air Force long-range subsonic strategic bombers, mainly used for long-range conventional and nuclear bombing missions.

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