Derrick ward dating esther baxter

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It also does not look good that three other video models have accused Budden of beating them as well. Video models do not say these things of all rappers and Budden certainly isn't a wealthy one for all of them to be targeting him for money. Is there one black dude, just one, in any sports league, anywhere in the world…the Kardashian sisters have not dated. Self hate is real in these streets and if you don’t believe, check out this Baller Mail that was submitted by a Baller Alert reader regarding Derrick Ward formally of the Houston Texans.Derrick was also rumored to have been dating Khloe Kardashian at some point and was rumored to be the man that Esther Baxter cheated on Joe Budden with back in the day.That Ok so heres the story back in 2006 Derrick Ward got a dark skinned girl pregnant.When he got signed to the Jets and found out she was pregnant he changed his phone numbers and contacts.They had their first son, and also he has a 3 year old daughter from a previous relationship.Both ladies are Light Skinned and could pass for sisters. Never ever mentioning the name or the fact that he has this son.. He has a 6 year old son living in Los Angeles California that if he walked by in the streets he wouldn’t even know was his.

This prompted Baxter to do an interview with Bossip to set the record straight.The sad part is that his Wife doesn’t even know about it. As far as his first baby mother she washed her hands of Derrick.He set up a Trust for the son when he turns 18 and I think she was getting child support, not sure.You don’t seek out and beat them into a miscarriage. Budden should be charged with murder, regarding the death of their unborn child and assault for what was done to Baxter.

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The Judiciary Report must ask, was it Budden’s ego that could not handle Baxter dating a handsome, millionaire football player.