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David m insider internet dating system

And as for a beard, David was often seen at social events with his "steady", GMA weathergirl Ginger Zee, until she met a REAL man and married him last summer.

The only funny or interesting thing about this video is his off air femme mannerisms and gay voice. I don't mean to give any special break but I get why news anchors for a major network have to be completely "non-political."And like it or not, coming out is seen as a political statement. (I never thought raising a kid would be in my future. All of you have too much time sitting at your keyboards, I say from here in my office, and what he does none of you have the ability or talent to do the job Muir does. She certainly wouldn't have stood there wasting time making sure numbered was perfectly enunciated to the staff.I laugh at most of the comments thrown his way here but in all honesty, he was most likely just frustrated that his staff was unprepared and he just wanted to get through the apparently hot-assed day.I wonder where he was on location; it DID appear hot as balls, and I'm sure he couldn't wait to rip off that jacket & take a cold shower.I wonder if he'll let his inner sista out on air if he decides to leave the closet He does not have an old school newsman vibe that I get watching Lester Holt and Scott Pelley. He's trying his best not to go all Jane Craig on the crew but the least they can do is number the pages of the script. That photo at R140 has been proven to be photoshopped.All he has going for him is looks, Muir seems two steps shy of being a diva, it was not secret that he wanted Diane Sawyer's job and I heard from people who use to work at ABC that he is kind of bitchy. Here is the closest we'll get to a Muir shirtless shot - from last summer's Ice bucket challenge.

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You know how gay men act once they get their status and start pulling in some major coins.[quote]You queens sucked too much cock in your young age and left you brain damaged You are the one who posted earlier about fantasizing about blowing Muir behind his desk. I don't live in the US and really don't know the guy's work, but the clips show a consummate professional on the job.