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I guess it depends on how you feel, look, act, etc...My husband is 6 years and 9 months older than I am, by the way.All it takes is that special someone to make a difference. Senior Dating US Site and UK Site A lot of people rely on friends to set them up with potential dating partners. But only you know exactly the type of person you're seeking.For those looking to connect with and meet vibrant, attractive and dynamic seniors, you've come to the right place.When has anyone, without the misuse of massive quantities of drugs or alcohol, been able to use his Williams Jennings Bryant style oratory skills to "manipulate" a woman into doing something she wasn't in some sense considering already?The only part of PUA I can think of that they could be referring to as "teaching men how to rape" is that idea that you shouldn't stop pushing for sex if she says no.I'm not saying any of that should apply to everyone, that's just me.

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On the other hand if I were totally looking hot for my age at that age and younger guys were hitting on me, then who knows...

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