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Datingpartner info

It's a significant arm twist to the National Rifle Association (NRA), whose grip on legislators effectively killed several measures over the years that would prevent violent offenders from possessing firearms.

The NRA argued "dating partners" encompasses too broad a group — despite reports from the Louisiana Coalition Against Domestic Violence showing that, in 2016 alone, 60 percent of Louisiana's intimate partner homicide victims were not married to their abuser.

Seventy-three percent of victims were wives, common-law wives, ex-wives, or girlfriends of the offender.

This paper presents findings from the International Dating Violence study regarding the prevalence of physical assault, sexual coercion, and suicidal ideation among university students and explores the relationships between suicidal ideation and dating violence.

…the intentional verbal, physical, sexual, or emotional maltreatment of a dating partner for the purpose of gaining control and power over that person.

Examples of Abuse in Dating Relationships Include: Ever Hold You Down, Push, Or Hit You?

Legislators in Baton Rouge agree that "dating partners" — not just spouses and family members — should be included in domestic violence protections.

The Louisiana House of Representatives voted May 11 to extend those protections, including preventing offenders from carrying firearms, to dating partners — a distinction applied in 41 other states.

This study highlights a need for the development of universal screening and targeted services for violence, depression, and suicide prevention.

The House voted 59-30 to approve New Orleans Democratic state Rep.

Helena Moreno's House Bill 223, which now heads to the state Senate for approval.

Some characteristics of unhealthy relationships include: It is important to educate youth about the value of respect and the characteristics of healthy and unhealthy relationships before they start to date.

Youth may not be equipped with the necessary skills to develop and maintain healthy relationships, and may not know how to break up in an appropriate way when necessary.

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That bill narrowly won approval in the House and is pending action in a Senate committee.

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