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Dating your zippo

tried offering a wider variety of products using the Zippo name, such as watches, leisure clothing and eau de cologne.This strategy is similar to the success Victorinox Swiss Army Brands Inc.The letters A-L on the left side of the Zippo logo represents the month that the lighter was manufactured (A = January, B = February, etc.), the year is identified by the last two numbers on the right of the Zippo logo. Thousands of different styles and designs have been made in the eight decades since their introduction including military versions for specific regiments.Since its invention Zippos have been sold around the world and have been described "a legendary and distinct symbol of Americana".Since its inception Zippo Lighters have been almost exclusively manufactured in the United States, with the exception of those manufactured in Niagara, Canada (an operation that has since been shut down). Blaisdell founded Zippo Manufacturing Company in 1932, and produced the first Zippo lighter in early 1933, being inspired by an Austrian cigarette lighter of similar design made by IMCO.The proper way to extinguish the lighter is to close the top half, which starves the flame of oxygen, but unlike other lighters, this does not cut the fuel.One of the recognizable features of Zippo is the fact that it burns with a wick. It was for burnin' shit down." All Zippo windproof lighters carry an unlimited lifetime guarantee, promoted using the trademarked phrase "It works or we fix it for free." The corporate web site boasts: "in almost 75 years, no one has ever spent a cent on the mechanical repair of a Zippo lighter regardless of the lighter’s age or condition." In mid-1955, Zippo started year coding their lighters by the use of dots.

However, if the flame is blown from the top down, it will be easily extinguished.This was followed in 2005 with the Outdoor Utility Lighter, known as the OUL. In August 2007, Zippo released a new butane lighter called the Zippo BLU.) building contains rare and custom made Zippo lighters, and also sells the entire Zippo line.The museum was featured on the NPR program Weekend Edition on Sunday, January 25, 2009.Zippo lighters became popular in the United States military, especially during World War II—when, as the company's web site says, Zippo "ceased production of lighters for consumer markets and dedicated all manufacturing to the US military".Period Zippos were made of brass, but Zippo used a black crackle finished steel during the war years because of metal shortages.

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Around the late 70's the logo was redesigned again, but not implemented into the bottom stamp until 1980.

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