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Dating violence in high school

This is critical for many students who have an unhealthy perception of healthy relationships, perhaps due to what is modeled at home, or the messages the media sends.Another piece of the program is an important activity focusing on affirmations, assertiveness, and healthy characteristics of relationships.It explains the importance of empathy and what to do if a friend or peer says or does something that makes you uncomfortable and offends you.This program helps kids identify their feelings and communicate them in a healthy non-violent way.A presentation called Healthy Relationships-Teen Dating Abuse is offered to every high school in Somerset and Kennebec counties, and most have taken us up on our offer of this free information which, by the way, is part of the Maine Learning Results, required curriculum in the state of Maine.“Thank you for coming in to teach us this information, I didn’t know that so many women were victims of abuse,”a teen from Messalonskee High.Ask them if they’ve had any of the Family Violence Project programs in their classrooms.If they haven’t, call their schools and let them know that Family Violence Project offers these programs free of charge to all Kennebec and Somerset county schools.

Teen Dating Violence (TDV), also known as Adolescent Relationship Abuse (ARA), can be defined as violence and/or abuse among two adolescents, ages 10-24 in a current, past and/or potential romantic relationship, including physical, verbal, emotional, sexual, economic, technological, and stalking, where there is an imbalance of power and a pattern of coercion over time.Hands Are Not For Hitting, presented to grades 1-3, speaks to the younger kids about anger and their choice of behaviors.Respectful Connections, for grades 4-6 helps the kids think about the types of friendships they would like to have.And, after watching a true story video clip about dating violence, a Maranacook HS senior girl wrote: “That video completely explains/defines my life. You see, I grew up in a home with domestic violence and I later became a victim of dating/domestic abuse.It took me years to even entertain the thought that I was a victim.

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