Dating vintage costume jewellery

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By the Eighties, fashion designers entered jewellery design and logo-mania took hold with brashly confident and frankly fake gold bangles, baubles and beads in the shape of Chanel’s distinctive double ‘C’s’ or a Givenchy ‘G’ worn with a Dynasty-inspired power suit.Check for any dust around the stones that could indicate age, and look at the style of the clasp — is it compatible with the date of the piece?Plastics such as Bakelite were used in large multi-coloured bangles and figurative rings.

Or a pair of dangling glittering earrings to add a little panache to an otherwise boring occasion!!

Vintage costume jewellery by names such as Elsa Schiaparelli, Marcel Boucher and Miriam Haskell always holds its value.

Look out for corroded or worn plating, cloudy rhinestones, missing or cracked stones and chipped enamel.

Art Nouveau jewellery (1890-1910) is linear and sinuous, with motifs such as the dragonfly and peacock derived from nature.

Small stones tend to be studded all over the whole rather than the more showy single gems of the Victorian period.

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It is operated by a knee bar that I could get very accustomed to using. It takes low shank attachments, which means is will fit attachments that also fit my Singer 201's and those from my puzzle box. Some have expired, but I was able to track some of them down through the web archive.

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