Dating valco guitars

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Dating valco guitars

That was the guitar that got me hooked on the Valco sound, and soon after I bought a fiberglass Dual Tone.I played these guitars for many years but never thought about why they sounded so cool.Although their sound is just as good as anything the big boys out out!Where I think all Supro guitars shine is the awesome pickups designed by Mr. I talked about these pickups before in my Supro Lexington article, and if you have a few spare hours, feel free to digest the patent information regarding these cool pickups.These are some of the best single coils ever made, period!Of course they do look like humbuckers from the top cover, but underneath they clearly aren’t.

Even the shape of the Triple Tone is reminiscent of the Les Paul with it’s single cutaway.

Touches on this Triple Tone like the raised double pick guards, the stair step tailpiece, and the butterfly key tuners all add into the pleasing aesthetic nature of these guitars. Scott pointed this out to me, and I happen to agree, that guitarists can sometimes be a “stodgy” lot that is resistant to radical approaches and designs.

Maybe that’s why the Valco guitars couldn’t compete in the long run.

Of course, just like the Model-T, you can have any color you want so long as it’s black (or white with the Dual Tone).

In 1959, Valco was still making solid wood bodied guitars.

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