Dating the tree of life

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For the Andites have the true first human aboriginal blood from creatures that looked upon the world with the first human eyes knowing they were different from all others.

These first humans were So, our story starts with the Andites as a pure Mesopotamian story.

they took the tree with them and guarded it for the next 200,000 years.

But apparently they did not stay in this part of Central Asia.

It has always been associated with divinity and immortality.

It took the coming of the Andites and the culture they created to reveal this incredible legend.

I think it would be fair to attribute much of these fables, gods and history of Eden to these Sethite priests.

So Andite culture was being overlaid atop the old Paleolithic stone age culture, uplifting and advancing it in preparation for the coming of civilization.

Many modern languages are derived from this early speech of these central Asian tribes who conquered Europe, India, and the upper stretches of the Mesopotamian plains. three quarters of the Andite stock of the world was resident in northern and eastern Europe, and when the later and final exodus from Mesopotamia took place, sixty-five per cent of these last waves of emigration entered Europe." (Urantia Book p.

This ancient language gave the Occidental tongues all of that similarity which is called Aryan." (Urantia Book p. 872-3)of the Andites continued on down to their final dispersions, from 8000 to 6000 B. They were skillfull domesticators of animals and expert agriculturists.

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The Urantia Book defines these people as a race which have been long absorbed to the various peoples of today. They were humorous, artistic, adventurous, inventive and musical. The Kopet Dagh, the location of the "3rd Eden" home of Adamson and Ratta.

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