Dating tests for men

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Dating tests for men

He knows that you like him because you have just moved your eyes and possibly turned your body to the new location that he has moved to.

Guys will also test the girl to see if she likes him by ignoring her.

With PH-values it’s easy to determine the answer, it’s clearly acidic, alkaline, or neutral, but with the mysterious PH-values of human chemistry it’s a little different.

For me, I want a clear resounding YES, I want the experience of reaching towards him with a “Yes, this could be yummy,” “Yes, definitely, this would be nice,” “Yes, I think I would enjoy that.” We are all different, and there are lots of people who are not physical the way I am; they may need someone they can bounce intellectual ideas with all day long, but I need to have a deep and unmistakable desire to lick my man’s naked body or there is just no point in continuing forward.

Don’t misunderstand, I need more, a lot more than just that, but that is always step one; because for me, chemistry has always been unchangeable and non-negotiable, and a feeling of yucky I don’t want to put my tongue on that is not magically or suddenly going to change into delightful yumminess.

That just has never happened to me, and I have tried over and over to be turned on by absolutely lovely men that just didn’t “do it” for me, and I couldn’t make it happen… But the other way, where someone who was yummy to begin with and then becomes yucky can happen for all sorts of reasons—particularly disrespect, bad behavior, lying, lack of follow through, etc.

They may do this to get your attention and see how you react.

We ask all the usual questions (and they bore me to tears) how do you like this app/website? However when the idea of running my tongue across his naked body is not just ok, but exciting, arousing, and pleasant then there is a chance, it may still be only a small chance.

How someone inhabits his body is something I notice.

I also have an acutely refined esthetic sense, so visual appeal is important to me—not so much in a superficial way that he must be “pretty” but how he presents overall matters, how he moves, looks, and especially ease and comfort in his own skin. At this point, I start to feel into his energy, listening to what is said and paying close attention to what is not said…

He may be very attentive to you one day but ignore you the next.

He will often do this to gauge just how interested you are in him, if at all.

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