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The fact that the conduct of the teachers and directors does not reveal much about their pedagogical abilities and feelings of responsibility becomes particularly obvious in this narrative style which breaks taboos. (Arbore (Serie Verde))ISBN 84-7154-758-9Poetry - School - Friendship - Sea - Good King Dagobert (Song)Cosme himself doesn't know why he so often makes claims that are not at all true.

The consequence is; the student is expelled from school. For instance, to claim at school that he knows a real king.

On another narrative level, set off typographically, the tensions in the writers' workshop and their costly background research are described and the moral of the experiment is drawn (among other things: don't do anything without a good contract! What is astonishing is how he designs types of people with such frugal means, allowing them to kindle our sympathy, how he makes life circumstances experienceable without making his denunciations explicit.

This story takes place in a fictitious Middle Ages, which demands the saving intervention of the knight Amadis, The chronicler, however, comes from another point in time: books are his "time machine." Human needs are shown to be as constant today as they were then. (Celia y su mundo)ISBN 4-XSchoolgirl - Boarding School - Child/Adult When Celia appeared in the Spanish literature (her adventures began in the 1930s and continued into the 1950s) she was enthusiastically welcomed.

(10 ) (Celia at School)[Madrid]: Aguilera, 1973 (1st ed. Today she is a fixed part of Spain's cultural knowledge.

The illustrations by the artist Ginesta emphasize the light-hearted, burlesque side of the novel. And also the helpful spirits, bewitched princes and princesses.

All this and much more is mixed together by the author in a new fairy tale novel.

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At the same time he interrupts the long series of descriptions, which have any amount of purple, silver, and bell-like laughter, for two or three short, profane statements from his protagonists just at the right moment, in order to keep his readers suspended between pathos, irony and persiflage and well-entertained.