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By the way, this is a perfect solution for people with an allergy to certain types of metal, like nickel allergy which is very common.Today the loop and stick are often made of metal and are called a toggle clasp. C., threading and subsequently knotting a cord or ribbon through rings fitted at each terminal of a necklace became the main form of fastening.Polished to a brilliant shine and suspending from an 18 inch rolo chain that secures with a spring-ring clasp, this meaningful pendant assures your place in the best baby gift-giver category.The clasps and fastenings which secure the necklace around the wearer's neck have developed in time and often provide useful clues in dating the necklace, its origin and its value.

It has also a spring inside and is fastened around a ring, like the spring-ring clasp and to open and close it you have to push a tiny lever too. The easiest way to close them is keeping both parts in front of you and putting the screw into the nut (and not the nut around the screw, no scientific explanation for it).In most cases expensive clasps are fitted at necklaces made of expensive materials like pearls and precious stones.This gives you an indication of the materials used, but be aware of its deceptive effect like their use with false pearls. In case the push-pin is hard to move, you can lubricate the mechanism by putting a very small amount of oil, on the tip of a tooth pick, around it and open and close the clasp several times, like lubricating a door-hinge. The modern lobster claw clasp is a variation of the spring ring.Like our last newsletter on necklaces and earrings, this is a huge two-in-one presentation.Just as necklaces and earrings evolved together to frame our faces harmoniously, rings and bracelets developed to a great extent in tandem.

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With these clasps you will be unable to twist a necklace around itself.