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But when you look at meta-analyses of thousands and thousands of couples you find that similarity is insignificant.

It’s less than 1% of the variation in overall marital satisfaction.

Terberger estimated that more than 2,000 people might have been involved in the fight.

[10 Epic Battles that Changed History] "This is beyond the local scale of a conflict," he said, meaning that this was likely a major battle in the region, not a fight between neighbors.

At Europe's oldest battlefield, archaeologists found new clues about who fought on the skeleton-strewn grounds some 3,250 years ago.

Starting in the 1980s, people began finding ancient daggers, knives and other weapons in the river sediment around Tollense Valley in northeastern Germany. In 1996, an amateur archaeologist even discovered an arm bone, pierced with an arrow, sticking out of the ground.

To get a clearer picture of who fought in the battle, Terberger and his colleagues decided to do a chemical analysis of the skeletons.

The researchers looked for elements like strontium, a naturally occurring mineral in food that can leave a geographically specific signature in a person's bones.

Unfortunately, strontium analyses are not so exact that archaeologists "can point to a map and say, ' They came from there,'" Terberger said.What's more, the battle took place right around a narrow part in the river where there was a wooden trackway that dates back to 1900 B. and was possibly a bridge connecting the two sides of the river. was also marked by cultural upheaval in Central Europe, when new ideologies were coming in from the Mediterranean with the start of the Urnfield culture (named for the way the dead were cremated and buried in urns)."It was probably an important crossing in the landscape," Terberger said. "It's not by accident that our battlefield site is dating to this period of time," Terberger said.Terberger said he and his team will look for more clues in the wider landscape.The Tollense River was important for north-south trade, and there is an "amazing" concentration of valuable artifacts, like gold rings and jewelry, found in the valley, he said.

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