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Dating ruger 10 22 serial number

Annual Membership includes a ROCS Logo Brassard, the latest Digest Magazine and an invitation to ROCS events. Advertisement for the new Ruger Bearcat from the back cover of the October 1958 issue of GUNS Magazine.There will be two Digest magazines published every year. Close-up view of a Bearcat cylinders words RUGER BEARCAT.We will pay all costs of shipping and will return your rifle to you within a week of the day it is shipped to Ruger.We recognize that this is an inconvenience so, as a thank you, we will include an extra magazine, a .95 value, at no charge to you when we return the rifle.Hi folks, I thought there must have been a thread like this before, but couldn't dig one up in 10 minutes of searching.I'm interested to know which among you have owned firearms that have/had what you consider to be a remarkably low serial number relative to the total number produced.The vent hole does not serve any function during normal operation, but may help relieve pressure in the event of a ruptured case head or bore obstruction, for example.We would like to arrange return of the rifle to have the vent hole machined into your rifle.

Although we have not had any reported incidents involving the rifle and it is perfectly safe during normal operation, we discovered that the rifle was manufactured without a vent hole that was part of the design.

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If you have a Ruger 10-22 rifle chambered in .22 WMRF or .17 HMR with serial numbers between 830-34831 to 830-43880 then inspect you rifle for a required vent hole.

If you do have an Ruger American Rimfire™ rifle chambered in .22 WMRF (Magnum) or .17 HMR, you need only examine the left side of the receiver, just below and behind the serial number.

If there is a hole there (Figure 1), then you do not need to return the rifle.

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Not terribly low, but by far the lowest I have encountered yet (for that particular model).