Dating remington model 11 shotgun

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Department of the Treasury – Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms Report on Investigation (Criminal Enforcement) To: Special Agent in Charge San Francisco, California Date: 12/12/78 On November 24, 1978, this Agent was assigned by the SAC, San Francisco, to participate in a Customs, FBI, ATF Task Force to investigate any possible inquiries as to People’s Temple. Customs, was contacted and advised this agent that they have been investigating the People’s Temple for approximately two years for various Customs violations.

ATF’s role is to support the above Task Force by tracing the 176 firearms found in Jonestown and attempt to find the source of the firearms. He then informed this Agent that Customs had received information that on at least one occasion the People’s Temple had requested that the members give unregistered firearms to the church.

According to the information, members of the church purchased guns and then turned them over to the church.

On November 24, 1978, [name deleted], Customs Representative for Interpol, was contacted after a request was made from Customs and FBI for a trace of the firearms.

I have contacted Remington and they confirmed that information above is correct.

On November 27, 1978, Special Agent [name deleted], ATF Liaison, Washington, D.Attempts have been made to talk to [name deleted] without success, repeated messages are being left. Wnet [Went] to Universal Sportings in Miami – business discontinued. Remington, .12 gauge Shotgun, Model 870, serial number T019755M.On November 29, 1978, FBI released a list to ATF of 967 People’s Temple members who traveled to Guyana with Jim Jones. Army Carbine M-1 Model, .30 caliber, serial number 3094280, military weapon – military has no record of this firearm. Remington Model 742, .30-06 caliber, serial number 15824, date of manufacture was 1952 – no records available prior to 1957. Western Field Model 880A, slide action rifle, .22 long rifle, no serial number – unable to trace firearm without serial number. Remington, Model 742 carbine, .308 caliber, serial number 46316, date of manufacture was 1955 – no records available prior to 1957. Winchester, .30-30 caliber saddle gun, serial number 36519, no long gun records prior to 1968 – unable to trace. Remington, Model 11 Shotgun, .12 gauge, serial number 773398, discontinued in 1942 – no records available. Remington, Wingmaster, .12 gauge Shotgun, Model 870, serial number S946514M, [name deleted], California, DOB: [identifying information deleted], POB: , CA number H0588466, Date of Transfer March 22, 1975 from Yokayo Rifle Shop, Ukiah. [name deleted] DOB: [identifying information deleted], Ukiah, California, POB: [identifying information deleted], CA number H0588466, Date of Transfer March 22, 1975 from Willits Feed and Sporting Goods, Willits, California.The interview revealed [name deleted, likely Mills] is an ex-member of People’s Temple and that she defected from the church and set up the Freedom House in order to help any other members who wanted to defect. Winchester Rifle, .243 caliber, serial number 72-24208, registered to [name deleted], Redwood Valley, Ukiah, California, DOB: [identifying information deleted] Date of Purchase March 9, 1977. She picked up the gun and ammunition the day before leaving for Guyana. Sears & Roebuck, Model 54, .30-30 caliber, serial number 273810, registered to , Date of Transfer August 22, 1977, OCA 0480700. H&R Model 922, 9 shot revolver, .22 caliber, serial number K8657, no state or Federal records for this period of time, manufactured in 1950, to Crown Jewelry, Mazoola [Missoula], Montana. This weapon was licensed to her to carry in a concealable manner. Smith & Wesson, .38 caliber, serial number 13K8953, Date of Transfer September 23, 1977, OCA G803902.The staff of the Freedom House conducted interviews with ex-members and provided safe houses. 21 revolver, .22 caliber, serial number 48805, registered to , Date of Transfer June 28, 1975, sold by Rod’s Liquor and Sprots [Sports], Ukiah. [name deleted] of Yokayo Rifle Shop, where the gun was purchased, taught her how to shoot the weapon and advised he knew it was going to Guyana. Browning Slide Action Carbine, .30-06 caliber, serial number 75866M9, registered to [name deleted], San Francisco, California, DOB: [identifying information deleted] Date of Purchase September 16, 1969 from Roos-Atkins, San Francisco. On December 5, 1978, delivered three weapons to the San Francisco Police Department indicating that the weapons were in his possession for a considerable time and belonged to the People’s Temple. Smith & Wesson, .38 caliber, serial number 636J9, which was registered to [name deleted]. note: This weapon was previously listed, in the immediately-preceding paragraph] 2.

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S/A [name deleted] provided three names of ex-members that should be contacted by ATF.

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