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He found a platform in theater and wrote a controversial play about the last days of Jesus in which the arrogant Pharisees and high priests were modern-day clergy. “ There was resentment and rumors started.” One day he came back from an international ecumenical conference and was told his seminary days were over. He threatened to sue if the slander continued, and suddenly the tone changed.“ Original,” his superior said thoughtfully. “ Let’s try it.” But as Bozek continued to read widely and express challenging opinions, “both my superiors and I realized I was moving outside the religious-order brackets,” he says, “and we had an amicable divorce.” He switched to a diocesan seminary and became president of the school body within a year. “ We know you are homosexual; we know you are living a promiscuous lifestyle,” the vice rector told him. He received a letter of recommendation, written in English -- allowing him to venture beyond Poland, where the post-communist church was seemingly growing more conservative by the day.Louis’ downtown, controlled its own property and assets, estimated when Bozek arrived in December 2005 at about million. Louis archbishop, said the parish’s governance structure as a nonprofit group run by a lay board was outside church law, which calls for a bishop to have ultimate authority over parishes. Stanislaus refused to comply, Burke pulled out the parish’s priests. Stanislaus had been without a priest for two years.

All he wanted, he says, was to provide the sacraments for a group of proud Catholic Poles, whose parish he believed had been unjustly suppressed.On Sundays the family walked five miles each way to worship at a 13th-century stone church, Bozek eagerly inhaling the incense and listening to the music.“ When you’re a child, you think by using your senses,” he says.Two years later, he was appointed associate pastor of St. He became police chaplain in Springfield and started a Hispanic ministry in nearby Branson. It implored him to desist from his disobedience “for the sake of your immortal soul.” To Bozek, this was borderline heresy: a warning that unless he was a priest in good standing his salvation was at stake.He knows his recent church history: “ The Second Vatican Council teaches that all men of faith can be saved,” he points out firmly.

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Pivotal call Bozek was born “in the middle of nowhere, in the woods outside Kazan.” Poland was still a satellite communist country of the Soviet Union, and the Red Army had a base in the woods not far from the Bozeks’ small house.

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