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Dating overly sensitive men

his masculine vibe, his confidence, his alpha male mindset, etc).So, if you’re wondering whether or not to follow the latest trend by shaving your little hairs down there, there’s every chance that the trend will have changed by the time you’ve finished reading this the 1980s, women called out for men to be more sensitive and cry.Men obeyed, turned into wussies and got dumped, cheated on and divorced in record numbers). When a woman is asking for a man to be more sensitive, she means that he is more open to love and actually feeling emotions, rather than being cold and afraid of experiencing love.It’s not going to something that makes her think, For 99.9% of human history, men have not had access to razors that are refined enough to shave the hairs on their ball sack.Some weirdo men might have “gone bald” because they have a fetish about it or it may have been cool in some remote tribes, but the majority of men just go natural.They want to ensure that they “look the part” like guys in the porn movies and fear getting an reaction from a woman for having pubic hair.

The truth is, it doesn’t really matter to a woman if you have pubic hair or are shaved.Partly from watching porn and thinking that if the guys in porn are shaving their balls and getting to have sex with hot women, maybe one of the reasons women aren’t interested in them is due to their pubic hair.Obviously, a woman can’t see a guy’s pubic hair before sex, but a lot of guys feel like they need to be “ready” in case they do get to have sex with a woman.As long as you have confidence in your sex appeal to a woman and allow her to experience your raw, masculine presence, she isn’t going to be focused on your pubic hair.She is going to be deeply enjoying the mental and emotional experience of being with a man who doesn’t think like a woman (i.e. When a woman feels attracted to a man for reasons other than his physical appearance (e.g.

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