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When the conflict to establish an independent Vietnam escalated after the Second World War, communists took control of Hue, Nhu’s native city, which lay near what was to become the front line between North and South Vietnam.

Madame Nhu, as Tran Le Xuan had become, was taken prisoner along with her infant daughter and mother-in-law.

Madame Nhu did not disown him, maintaining: “They have decided to finish with him.

Eren's been trying to date Annie for a long time and when he finally gets the chance, it turns out dating is not as easy as it seems.

He was from a wealthy Catholic family which rejected both French colonialism and Communist insurgents, and she rapidly shed her own beliefs (including the Buddhism with which she had been raised) to match his.

If anything she espoused her new credos with greater zeal than he.

mysticdabberokay so I've literally conquered every other route on this damn game but yuuri keeps flat out rejecting me?? Thậm chí tôi còn đụng phải những 7 route Bạn Bè khác nhau trên 50 lượt chơi rồi ấy?? Manami Sangaku (aka bachelor #6) immediately captures his heart, but as he becomes more invested he finds Manami’s route is full of unexpected twists.

Tuy nhiên, "day" còn được sử dụng trong nghĩa "today" và "yesterday", hoặc "birthday". " bạn không trả lời là "My birthday is on Thursday" mà trả lời "June 22nd".

Her brother Tran Van Khiem was arrested but found to be mentally unwell, claiming to be the centre of an enormous Zionist conspiracy.

Within a year he had done so, and she had taken a seat in the National Assembly, her only official post . On the one hand her fierce independence saw her branded an icon of women’s rights; on the other, her new-found Catholicism inspired her to ban contraception and abortions, and to demand a new morality.

This did not stop her wearing tightly-tailored ao dai tunics, in which she reviewed her 25,000-strong female paramilitary force, providing an irresistible spectacle to news photographers around the world.

Khi nói về những ngày xa cũ, người ta nói "in the old days" chứ không nói "in the old dates". Trong khi đó, "date" còn có nghĩa động từ, cũng chỉ ngày xa cũ. Nếu bạn nghe ai đó nói "I'm dating", điều đó có nghĩa là họ đang tìm hiểu một người khác.

"Date back" là cách diễn đạt chỉ một việc gì đã diễn ra trong quá khứ: "The story dates back to 20 years ago, when I met a beautiful girl...". "To have a date" hoặc "to go on a date" là hẹn hò với ai đó, ví dụ: "Are you asking me for a date?

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