Dating love site in the gambia

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Dating love site in the gambia

if there is one thing i hate in a relationship, then its lies. I don't play games, waste anyone's time or have any issue or dependencies.I'm a fun-loving man who enjoys life, makes lots of friends.

The sights and smells were arresting: giant slabs of shea butter, grinning cats picking at fishmongers' leftovers, piles of brightly-coloured fabric and rows of hastily stitched football tops.

Each had an arm around Katim and wore a wide smile.

Our car passed Arch 22 – a 115ft-high monument to the coup of July 22 1994 – announcing our arrival in Banjul.

But our research also unearthed off-putting warnings about sex tourism (Gambia is considered a place where middle-aged ladies can meet muscular and willing young men) and "bumsters" – locals who tout themselves as holiday guides.

Informing friends and family of our decision, we were greeted by raised eyebrows. After all, wasn't this the country where Britons suspected of criticising the government were sentenced to hard labour and whose head of state claimed he can cure Aids by administering banana extracts to the patient's chest? Steer clear of the bumsters, avoid denouncing the establishment, and we would get on just fine.

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