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Her sim is handsome and career-driven, with a well-rounded personality.In short, he’s exactly the type of man she hopes to end up with.In order for their relationship to progress, Mook must continually download Star-Crossed Myth and its sequels.When she is not engaging with Scorpio, she is often flirting with another of her virtual boyfriends, all of whom are available, at all times, in the palm of her hand.Nameless follows the story of Eri, a lonely girl who has obsessively collected ball-jointed dolls since the death of her grandfather.One night, five of the dolls come alive as handsome men.

He comes courtesy of Voltage, a Japanese gaming company that specializes in romance games for women and that generated roughly million in revenue in 2015.

Yuna says the appeal of virtual romance games lies in the dreamlike world they offer.

“Women have a common frustration that they cannot enjoy romantic situations like those in virtual games,” she says.

Whatever the plot, the aim is the same: to create an emotional connection.

“When I read their stories, I feel like they are real,” Mook says of her digital suitors.

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Many of them say the appeal of virtual dating games comes down to control: Dating in the real world may be a bittersweet experience at best, but in a virtual universe, the player is master.“[Women] dream of a guy who is handsome, controlling, and unreasonably in love with [them],” says Marcos Daniel Arroyo, a software engineer at Cheritz who has built a career on understanding what women want from virtual relationships.

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