Dating kundo clock anniversary

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Some of the prominent Torsion clock makers include Gustav Becker (Image 1), Jahresuhrenfabrik ("JUF" - who coined the 'Anniversary' name and also produced a larger "bandstand " version as in Image 2), Kienzle, Kieninger & Obergfell (Kund O), Badische Uhrenfabrik (Image 3) and Phillip Haas.

I've never had to re-bush a pivot hole in one of these slow-running clocks myself and it's usually pretty easy to spot any tampering of the eccentric screw as it is brass and set tightly in the factory during manufacture so the screwdriver slot gets chewed up easily.By the way, if you've cracked or lost the protective dome, visit my page on Glass Domes.The base of these torsion clocks is only thin spun brass and although most have a wooden insert for added strength, I have seen two examples of the base being damaged in the post, not from external impact but from the sheer weight of the movement on its seat board driving the two pillars into the base if the carton is dropped.400 day clocks also have a reputation for poor time-keeping but that's partly because they are left uncorrected for weeks as they don't need frequent winds, so it's often just a gradual accumulation of a lost half-minute each day.Mainly German in origin, a great many Anniversary clocks are very well machined, on a par with French carriage clocks.

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