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Dating kryptonite

I'll pause briefly here while a choir of dating angels sing hosannas to my public service accomplishment. This is a book, obviously, that every dating woman needs, for it will instantly translate Martian men's conversation into Venutian women-speak. Here's your mother.'" MAN SAYS: "My last girlfriend and I just grew apart." MAN MEANS: "You would not believe the bitchy attitude she gave me every time I had to borrow rent money from her!

For example: MAN SAYS: "Oh, um, sure, I like to dance." MAN MEANS: "I once gave myself a hernia in a swing dance class, and now, on my list of things I enjoy, "dancing" comes right after "cleaning up after a large dog with severe digestive problems." MAN SAYS: "What I really want is a long-term, serious relationship with someone." MAN MEANS: "And you could be that person if you consider long-term to be three months, and serious to include vodka, a wardrobe from Victoria's Secret, and, of course, wrist restraints." MAN SAYS: "I have a great relationship with my dad." MAN MEANS: "Our monthly phone conversation consists of each of us asking the other how things are going, me saying 'Pretty good, how 'bout yourself? " MAN SAYS: "I'm feeling some good chemistry here between us." MAN MEANS: "The sight of your cleavage is giving me thoughts of activities that I'm fairly certain are illegal in at least twelve states." All right, I'm not so delusional as to think that my dating dictionary is going to completely resolve the big issue of male-female dating communication. And if my little contribution brings just one couple together into a relationship of honest and open communication, genuine friendship, and erotic passion, then it will have all been worth it.

If you’re having the same trouble, you can download a better PDF version from Cheryl’s website.

• Our primary communicating experience is talking and/or bragging to other guys about sports and women.

I call it, simply, the "Male-to-Female Dating Dictionary." This is a book of words and phrases uttered by dating males, translated into language clearly understandable to dating females.

What a guy says - translated into what a guy means.

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Take your pick: • Men are raised to be stoic and not reveal our true feelings and emotions.