Dating jobless femme dating

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Dating jobless

GO SWING A HOOP,with the lists of companies going down by the day.. I suppose if you owned houses and had huge bank accounts ... the "blaming the dole bludger" rhetoric is soo '80's.... along with gordon gekkos "greed is good" mantra....Qantas the latest "shedder" of staff.pool of datable unemployed is growing by the day..... neither being very constructive ethics..lazy kids turn into lazy adults?

Hopefully you will all have fun meeting singles and try out this online dating thing...

Funnily enough I work for myself now, I have one child fulltime and my parents actually live with me because my father became ill last year.

TBFH im am really tired of a lot of the attitudes of woman I have dated, how they seem to expect everything to go their way, working less than 38 hours a week or being unemployed doesnt make a person lazy, I know plenty of people who work extreme hours I would consider lazy. so many of us get sucked in by the cute smile & nice arse or fall for the hard luck story. Rescue the Damsell, I always wanted a White valiant Charger for that reason.

He said all the nice things, but didn't mean anything. it seems like camping out is the latest craze in california.... He has put me and my children in finacial difficulty because he also accesssed my bank account and accumilited a debt of over 0,000 for which i am responsible for...

He just wanted a place to live, and thought he could live for free, and when he didn't get his own way, he damaged her belongings and car. Really puts a whole new angle on dating, especially when you realise, there are really absolute freaks out there.a mate of mine was living in a tent once.... thanks to him, the car he says he has in his profile actually belongs to me.....just registered it in his name...i have to go to court at my expense to get it back.

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~ducks~Employment and unemployment is also relative I s'pose, I dont like to exclude groups of people from who I would or wouldnt date.

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