Dating is the emotional equivalent of an english degree

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Dating is the emotional equivalent of an english degree

Thus, when a parent finds himself/herself forced to parent children alone, the demands are tremendous.The needs of the children have not changed but the number of parent hours available have changed.Spousal Affiliates stay connected with Cru by once a year meeting with their spouse's supervisor or a local H. leader and once every three years attending their spouse's staff conference or Cru's biennial national conference.Divorce may be a disqualifier depending on the circumstances, but need not be.Two years of consistent Christian living must elapse between the time of divorce and submission of a staff application.God's design for the family is that a husband and wife jointly share the task of raising children.

Because our ministry considers couples to be a husband and wife team, the non-staff spouse agrees to be a “Spousal Affiliate.” A Spousal Affiliate meets Affiliate Staff acceptance requirements, although not required to carry on any Cru ministry activities.

An applicant must have a basic knowledge of Scripture and is expected to attend Cru's New Staff Training program that involves two weeks of intensive Bible training in addition to a 10-week correspondence course.

Because of the divisive nature of the issue of speaking in tongues, and because it is not essential in communicating the gospel to nonbelievers, Cru asks its staff members who believe they have the gift of tongues not to promote or use the gift in public.

Rather, they are for the purpose of evaluating a person's readiness to serve in the midst of spiritual battle in ministry with Cru.

Applicants must be able to state clearly how and why they believe God is calling them to serve with Cru.

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We want our new staff members to have the best possible training to enable them to effectively minister for Christ.