Dating in the woodlands texas

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Dating in the woodlands texas

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Since the 1991 conference, Paul Tanner has continued monitoring the site and has recorded, among other things, several more Clovis points from the beach. During the Pleistocene, or last ice age, so much water was sequestered in major continental ice sheets (like the Laurentide ice sheet in North America) and in alpine ice sheets rimming the earth’s mountain ranges, that global sea level was drastically lowered.Mc Faddin Beach is a 32-kilometer long stretch of sandy beach in Jefferson County on the upper Texas Gulf coast, extending from High Island on the west to Sea Rim State Park on the east.Sabine Pass and the Louisiana state line lie another 19 km farther to the east.The Texas coastline is a dynamic environment where sand can either be added or subtracted by currents and storm surges, and Mc Faddin Beach is a place where net erosion of sand has been taking place, flanked on either side by areas of net accretion.Despite this, it is clear that the artifacts are washing ashore from the Gulf, not eroding out from deposits behind the beach.

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This peculiar concentration of material inevitably leads to several questions: To address these questions, we must understand something about how the site has come to light, the geologic history of the Gulf coast and its salt domes, and the postglacial history of falling and rising sea level. Long, a biology professor at Lamar University, contacted local collectors, studied their collections, and published the first summary of the site in 1977, a short report issued by the Spindletop Museum.