Dating in the dark 82310 Centhu vedio sax

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Dating in the dark 82310

Classifications are subject to change and estimates may not be 100% accurate, but they usually are.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: There are going to be some major changes to my schedule soon.

In the interest of not making this poll ridiculously long, I have narrowed it down to twelve choices.

I'm not going to be doing these stories immediately and there were several good requests that I didn't list that I might do later on though.

No offense to anyone who enjoys reading or writing those type of stories though.5) I don't write super powered ninja era fics.

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Plot Bunnies and Requests I'm always happy to receive requests, but i am going to try to limit myself to about seven ongoing stories at a time in the future. This is intended to ensure that my stories will all be updated in a relatively timely fashion. Request Information: UPDATE ON REQUESTS: I am particularly interested in Yaoi requests at the moment as my straight and genderbender fics far outnumber my ongoing yaois.

So basically, that's how you know when another story will be released soon. I won't get to these requests for awhile, but I'd love to start mulling over ideas.

Genderbend means that a character's gender has been flipped. I'm also open to pairings with three people.3) I'm flexible on theme.

I'll give almost anything a go besides horror or tragedy.

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I apologize to anyone that enjoyed a story that got removed. I generally try to respond to most reviewers who are not "guest reviewers" and have their private message feature activated.

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