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Dating holocene

They show similar linear equations and trends/slopes, and enabled a preliminary assessment of the representativeness of individual 10Be TCND-ages obtained from the other forelands.

You’ll still be able to search, browse and read our articles, but you won’t be able to register, edit your account, purchase content, or activate tokens or eprints during that period.Chronological studies applying Schmidt-hammer exposure-age dating (SHD) were performed on six glacier forelands in the western part of the Southern Alps/New Zealand.Although lithological heterogeneity prevented a regional age-calibration curve to be established, local age-calibration curves for La Perouse and Strauchon Glaciers could be derived.However, because of the poor preservation of macroplant fossils, many radiocarbon dates were derived from undifferentiated organic materials in pottery sherds.These materials remain a source of debate because of potential contamination by old carbon.

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