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It’s nice to see Geoffrey Rush back as sly Captain Barbossa.And I should add that the special effects are, at times, dazzling.This is the fourth of the series of films based on Jeff Kinney’s best-selling children’s books, which are close to my heart because my youngest son loved them.But the sub-title, though it relates to an incident-strewn, 47-hour road trip across the United States, rather sums up what it felt like to sit through to the movie’s end. The last film in the series was five years ago, so the cast is a new one, though the director, Dave Bowers, is a Wimpy Kid veteran.So, on the long journey to visit the Heffley grandmother (rather annoyingly referred to as ‘Mee-Maw’), there are lavatorial and vomit jokes aplenty, many of them extracted from the inevitable stay in a ghastly motel.

With or without a sword, he just doesn’t really cut it any more as an action hero, even one as sozzled and disreputable as Captain Jack.

Once the Spanish navy’s scourge of pirates, Salazar made the mistake of crossing swords with Cap’n Jack, who led him into the Devil’s Triangle (a stretch of water even more dangerous than its Bermuda namesake) and condemned him to roam the Seven Seas as a ghost.

Naturally, the Spaniard is more than a little miffed about this, and wants dashing young mariner Henry Turner (Brenton Thwaites) to help him find Jack so he can exact terrible revenge. His father Will (Orlando Bloom, briefly glimpsed at the beginning with a barnacle-encrusted face) has also been cursed, in his case to spend eternity at the bottom of the ocean (hence the problem with the barnacles) on the wreck of the Flying Dutchman.

And a Mail report on potholes yielded the line about ‘4,000 holes in Blackburn, Lancashire’.

Maybe we should send someone back, to see how many there are now.

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Sometimes, a film can be CGI-ed almost to death, like last week’s release King Arthur: Legend Of The Sword.

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