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Dating for demons by serena robar

Overall, this book series, and the last book were great. So I leave you with a funny teaser from the book, but not a spolier;"To my shock and dismay, his head detatched from his body and now Colby was holding it upside down against her chest.She tossed it to number four; the surprised look on his face was pretty classic.Hunter left me puzzled most times, but he was a nice guy.

Sure, he's eye-catching in combat boots, but the boy's definitely pursuing more than a goodnight kiss.

But the prophecy isn't the only thing on Piper's mind these days.

There's also her love for bad boys, and the new guy she met at the mall, Hunter, who has all of the qualities she looks for and more.

if his idea of a great study spot is the local graveyard? And with Colby Blanchard for a best friend, not to mention my nortorious sarcasm, who'd've thought I'd find a boyfriend? There was tons of humor, in which I often laughed out loud and got weird stares from.

Colby's perky, blond, and the founder of a half-blood vampire sorority - while I love fried food and wearing black. Most girls freak about guys who don't listen, but this one's practically taking notes. But it was all cool, because it fit in with the whole book.

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Sure, he's eye-catching in combat boots, but this boy's definately persuing more than a good-night kiss. I loved the humor mixed in with the vampire plot, it mixed great - who knew?