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If you see any data that is not listed here or notice any errors, for 1970’s and earlier Fender amps, please send us an email and we will update the chart.Fender Transformer Wiring Diagrams Model Name Model Power Output Choke Reverb Bandmaster 6G7A 67233 45217 125C1A * AA763 125P7D 125A6A 125C1A * AC568 125P7D 125A6A 125C1A * Bandmaster Reverb AA270 125P5D 125A6A 125C1A 022921 AA768 125P5D 125A6A 125C1A 022921 AA1069 125P5D 125A6A 125C1A 022921 Bassman 4 x 10 combo’s and Heads 5F6 8087 45249 14684 * 5F6A 8087 45249 14684 * 6G6 125P5A 125A5A 125C1A * 6G6A 125P7A 125A13A 125C1A * AA270 125P7D 125A13A 125C1A * AA864 125P7D 125A13A 125C1A * AB165 125P7D 125A13A 125C1A * AC568 125P7D 125A13A 125C1A * Bassman 70 * * Champ AA764 125P1B 125A35A * * Concert 6G12 67233 45249 125C1A * AB763 125P7D 125A9A 125C1A * Deluxe and Deluxe Reverb 6G3 125P2A 125A1A * * AA763 125P23B 125A1A 125C3A 022921 AB868 125P23B 125A1A 125C3A 022921 Model Name Model Power Output Choke Reverb Harvard 6G10 125P1A 125A2A * * Princeton and Princeton Reverb 5F2A 66079 265 * * AA1164 125P1B 125A10B * 022921 B1270 125P1B 125A20B * 022921 Pro and Pro Reverb 5C5 6516 1846 * * 5D5 6516 1846 * * 5E5A 6516 1846 * * 6G5A 125P7D 125A7A 125C1A * AB763 125P5D 125A7A 125C1A 022921 AA270 125P5D 125A6A 125C1A 022921 AA1069 125P5D 125A6A 125C1A 022921 Reverb Unit 6G15 68319 * 125C3A 125A12A 6G15 125P24A * 125C3A 125A12A Showman 6G14 67233 45550 125C1A * AA763 125P34A 125A30A 125C1A * Dual Showman AB763 125P34A 125A29A 125C1A * Super and Super reverb 6G4 8087 45216 125C1A * 6G4A 125P7A 125A6A 125C1A * AB563 125P5D 125A9A 125C1A 022921 AA763 125P5D 125A9A 125C1A 022921 AB763 125P5D 125A9A 125C1A 022921 AA270 125P5D 125A9A 125C1A 022921 Tremolux 5G9 814 * 6G9 125P6A 45217 125C1A * 6G9A 125P6A 45217 125C1A * 6G9B 68409 125A6A 125C3A * AB763 125P26A 125A6A 125C3A 022921 Model Name Model Power Output Choke Reverb Twin and Twin Reverb 5G8A 7993 45268 14684 * 6G8 67233 45548 125C1A * AB763 125P34A 125A29A 125C1A 022921 AC568 125P34A 125A29A 125C1A 022921 AA769 125P34A 125A29A 125C1A 022921 AA270 125P34A 125A29A 125C1A 022921 Twin Reverb 7591 Tubes AB763 125P19A 125A18A 125C1A 022921 Vibrolux and Vibrolux Reverb 6G11 125P6A 45217 125C3A * 6G11A 68409 125A7A 125C3A * AB763 125P26A 125A7A 125C3A 022921 AA965 125P26A 125A6A 125C3A 022921 AB568 125P26A 125A6A 125C3A 022921 Vibroverb 6G16 125P6A 45217 125C1A 022921 AA763 125P5D 125A7A 125C1A 022921 NOTE: * denotes no transformer used FENDER TRANSFORMER NUMBER CONVERSION CHART125A1A –– If you are looking at the Quality Assurance (QA) sticker on the amp, it is the "final" line where the code is printed. All Fender amplifiers, manufactured after 1989 include a date code on the amplifier.Ok, I've been researching this and I keep finding the same answer. I checked two guitars made by fender five years a part.

He was a graduate of UC Berkley, a cofounder of the Wescon Trade Show and was recognized as a life member of IEEE for his contributions to the industry.Transformers from Triad also supported the Apollo mission to the Moon, and then the first microwave ovens in the 1970s.The Triad brand played a leading role in the rise of industrial automation and controls, electronic ballasts for lighting systems and innovative medical devices in the 1980-90s.For example, if you find pots from late ‘64 and transformers from early ’65, you can be pretty sure your amp is a 1965.COMMONLY USED FENDER EIA SOURCE CODESCommon Fender Source Codes Code Manufacturer Part(s) 67 Eminence Speakers 73 J. Lansing (JBL) Speakers 137 CTS Potentiometers, Speakers 220 Jensen Speakers 235 Mallory Capacitors 285 Rola Speakers 304 Stackpole Potentiometers 328 Utah Speakers 391 Altec-Lansing Speakers 433 Cleveland Speakers 465 Oxford Speakers 606 Schumacher Transformers, Chokes 649 Electro Voice (EV) Speakers 830 Triad Transformers, Chokes 1098 Pyle Speakers For example: a transformer code of 606432, in a Blackface era Fender amp (1960’s), would be Schumacher (606), manufactured in 1964 (4) in the 32nd week (32)Another example: a speaker code of 220820, in a Tweed era Fender amp (1950’s – early 1960’s), would be Jensen (220), manufactured in 1958 (8) in the 20th week (20)VINTAGE FENDER TRANSFORMER USAGE CHARTThe following chart, was originally printed in VG magazine, by Gerald Weber.

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