Dating elizabethan times dating a black man as a white woman

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Dating elizabethan times

These people worked very hard to keep what little they had.

Those that did work were farmers, tradesman or craftsman.

They could help themselves if they had a skill (carpentry or weaving) that allowed them to make some money. They were able to get jobs working the land they had rented.

They rented the land from the Yeomanry, Gentry or the aristocracy.

These people were members of the court and Parliament. They were thought of as the true rulers of the countryside. These men were shopkeepers, traders, innkeepers and citizens of London.

A Noble could only be a Noble if he was born into it or was made a Noble by the king or Queen. The Gentry often held the local offices, such as sheriff and surveyor of the roads. The merchants were responsible for producing goods for others to use. These were the people who had large amounts of property and had a Noble title if they could buy one.

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