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Maerz, Michael Noy, Jacques Schleifer, and Simon Tose A block diagram decoupler application and evaluation, Paul Glenn Luebbers A blocked orthogonalization method for nonlinear regression, Daniel C. Clair Abnormal cell detection using the Choquet integral, R. Brown A biogeochemical study of a borate deposit in a desert environment., Susan Jane Blickensderfer Collins A bistatic radar ground clutter model and computer algorithm, David Christopher Miller Link A BIST technique for configurable nanofabric arrays, Waleed K. Jiang and Hai-Lung Tsai Link "A blessing to people" Dorsey Dixon and his sacred mission of song, Patrick Huber Link A blind comparison between results of four image analysis systems using a photo-library of piles of sieved fragments, John-Paul Latham, John Kemeny, Norbert H. Marone 3D seismic data interpretation of Boonsville Field, Texas, Aamer Ali Alhakeem 3-D seismic methodology and interpretation of the Boonsville Gas Field, Fort Worth Basin, Texas, Brian Howard Repke 3-D shear lag model for the analysis of interface damage in ceramic matrix composites, Lokeswarappa R. Long Link ⁵⁷Fe Mössbauer spectral and muon spin relaxation study of the magnetodynamics of monodispersed γ-Fe₂O₃ nanoparticles, Leïla Rebbouh, Raphaël P. H.: Farewell to Love - #23 Studies and Notes Supplementary to Stubbs' Constitutional History Down to the Great Charter, Volume 1 100 Questions in Cardiology The Ultimate Marketing, Success Principles and Inner Game for Drinking Fountains Web Biz 3 CD Course A Christmas Carol Zagat Miami/So..Selected trade and professional publication and online services.(list of publications): An article from: Business Publisher Ethernet: The Definitive Guide Environmental Law Who's Who in Canadian Law, 1985-86 30 Minutes to Self-Confidence How to Be Assertive..Well Liked!

Fong, and Tim Zacharewski Ab initio calculations of infrared absorption cross sections of CO₂ gas, L. Sullivan Link 2-Methylbicyclo[3.2.2]non-3-en-2-yl cation involving rearrangement of 1,3′-spirocyclopropylbicyclo[2.2.2]oct-2′-yl cation, Prakash Reddy, George Andrew Olah, and G. Surya Prakash 300-Kilocycle ultrasonic emulsification of paraffin oil in distilled water., John Henry Rother 35-45 giga hertz transceiver system for phase and magnitude detection, Aman Aflaki Beni Link 3D characterization of the carbon distribution in a medium carbon steel, Donald H. Long Link 3D finite element analysis of PWA-oil sand terrain system interaction, Y. Puthran 3D modeling of string motion, Ibrahim Atakan Kubilay 3-D nonlinear finite element analysis of reinforced concrete low-rise wall structures and bridges under earthquake excitations, Kangyu Lou 3D radial and azimuthal anisotropy structure in North America, H. Snell 4" fluidized bed char gasifer engine system, William O'Neill Link 4f orbital covalence in (η⁵-C₅H₅)₃Eu(THF) as revealed by europium-151 Mössbauer spectroscopy, G. Adams 2008-02-21 Joint Report from the Academic Freedom & Standards Committee and the Student Affairs Committee to the MS&T Faculty Senate, Academic Freedom & Standards Committee of the Missouri S&T Faculty Senate 20-H rule modeling and measurements, Todd H. Stoffer 2.5 ampere DC solid state power controller, John Anthony Gilbert Link 2-D Deposition Pattern and Strategy Study on Rapid Manufacturing, Jianzhong Ruan, Lan Ren, Todd E. Liou Link 2D freeform plasmonic trapping via spatial light modulator, H.-W. Chen 2-D path planning for direct laser deposition process, Swathi Routhu 2-methyl-1,3-propanediol a new monomer for high solids polyesters, Pamela M.

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Cordes Link 1,1′-Diketone and 1,1′-dinitrile derivatives of 2,2′-biimidazole, Paula M.