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Dating circle com

Before getting started, users will notice that five profile photos have automatically been selected for them.The Inner Circle uses a face-recognition algorithm the leverages machine learning to detect the highest quality photos from a user’s Facebook profile.He understood that swiping left and right simply wasn’t enough to drive successful results.In order to make dating apps better, David looked towards technology.A lack of features could be the main problem when it comes to most dating apps.While some people believe a picture is worth a thousand words, I for one would like to know a bit more about someone before meeting them.David recognized this and decided to add in a geolocation API that shows where users are located during any given moment.Of course, users have the option to include whether or not to show their location. Their location will appear as being in San Francisco for the majority of the time.

This makes it really easy for users to access The Inner Circle at all times, while also providing ease for filling in the profile section.”Once a user on The Inner Circle is confirmed (this is based on the quality of their Facebook or Linked In profile), they are directed to the app/website to set up their profile.The travel section displays popular travel destinations, like London and Barcelona, along with how many users are currently there.Technology has come a long way, so why not leverage it when it comes to dating apps?But it's about the size of your wallet or the symmetry of your face: The Inner Circle's members are from all walks of life and professions.They are looking for like-minded, ambitious and attractive singles who share that same passion for life.

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In order to get users offline every now and then, The Inner Circle leverages a Facebook API that detects the most popular upcoming events in different cities.