Dating christian girl not virgin

Posted by / 16-Jun-2020 18:55

When one doesn’t see sex before marriage as a form of cheating on one’s future spouse, the existence of premarital sex does not cause suspicion or resentment.

But that didn’t stop her from continuing to have sex, and “the crying and the guilt has slowly vanished over the years,” she said. In fact, given today’s sexual landscape, she’s pretty sure her future husband will have been even more promiscuous than her––so who is he to judge? Another Christian friend, Kim, told me she doesn’t think premarital sex is any graver than other sins because we are all sinners: “People make it a bigger deal than it really is,” she said.At that moment, I realized with shame that the culture I so self-righteously tried to buffer had already infiltrated my heart—today’s accepted “hookup culture,” which trivializes sex and dating.I’m not the only Christian young woman living in a hypersexualized culture.I recently came upon a blog post by an evangelical in Belgium reacting to the recent outpouring in the Christian blogosphere on the problems with evangelical purity culture.This blogger reacted with confusion, calling what he was reading about “a purity culture I don’t know.” I think he correctly credits his confusion to the cultural differences between the two nations, even within evangelicalism.

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“Sleeping with someone leaves an emotional scar and attachment in you,” she said, adding seriously, “Don’t ever do it before marriage, Sophia.” Yet others, while struggling with initial guilt, eventually learn to desensitize themselves from it.