Dating bipolar advice

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Dating bipolar advice

I'm hoping someone can tell me about the human aspect of living with this issue and what kind of things I should be on the look out for. Post edited by: jayna01, at: 02/16/2013 PM Hey there Dude, If you really like this girl and she is on her meds, go for it!It is a good sign that she has told you she has BP and this might show a level of trust on her part. Do some more research though and just be supportive of her. Cheers Confu2ed Bipolar has such a broad range that it would be difficult to generalise.

If the person you tell decides to run then they are not right for you.honesty is the key in BP.I say go for it because she has been honest with you and sounds like she is pretty stable.would do my research and then decide if you want to deal with the symptoms if they occur.I've met a really cool woman and we've gone on a few dates now. I really don't even know what bipolar actually is other than what I've learned from a google search.I really like her and don't want to be a (Edited per Terms & Conditions of Membership) by just bailing because she has an issue.

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