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Dating agent provocateur

This sex season, says Stephenson, is about reappraising the approach to drama on BBC4, a channel that has built a reputation for broadcasting biopic stories of British cultural figures from Kenneth Williams to Gracie Fields.

"Inevitably it's time for us to ring the changes," he says of the shift in direction. There seem to be wider concerns at the corporation that the channel is not punching its weight, and it has been allocated a greater share of the drama budget in order to redress a perceived imbalance in resources.

Since then, the company has expanded to 30 stores in 14 countries.

"The depth of those narratives, and the grittiness, was natural to BBC2; [but] what's happened is that on BBC1 we are now delivering audiences heavyweight subject matter by complex writers, and the audience is telling us that's exactly what they want." He has had to rethink BBC2's purpose in drama.I went to Switzerland and we said what we had to say and we made our peace. The ceremony was attended by celebrities including Bob Geldof and Tracey Emin, and accompanied by a public procession to punk songs, including the Sid Vicious version of "My Way".In November 2016 in a staged protest to encourage use of renewable energy, Corré and Vivienne Westwood burned six million worth of his punk rock memorabilia archive on a barge on the River Thames.Ivory – who is already being compared to the great Nottingham working-class author Alan Sillitoe – will bring his personal interpretations of The Rainbow and Women in Love to BBC4 next year, as the centrepiece of a season devoted to love and sex.The two 90-minute productions will be placed in the schedule alongside Amanda Coe's adaptation of John Braine's Fifties novel Room at the Top and a series of documentaries that examine aspects of intimacy and romance in the 20th century.

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